Drug Cartels will block Prop 19, watch.

Posted: October 28, 2010 by merkjones in Uncategorized

Well… Prop 19 is up for vote November 2nd. If you don’t know about it, it’s the legalization of Marijuana in the State of California. Now, I don’t smoke. But I used to. I don’t see the dangers in the substance at all. FoxNoise has been on a campaign since it was proposed to squash it. They show scary images of crack-houses and coke-snorting fiends. Last I checked, THC isn’t in Cocaine. I know why Faux is trying to kill it, but there are just so many reasons behind it; it’s not worth saying. The Mexican gov’t said it does not want this to pass. That it’ll increase violence in Mexico from Drug Cartels. On the contrary Senor. The Drug Cartels will lose a good deal of money because of Marijuana legalization. This is a huge industry for them. This is a huge industry for California as well. So I think it’d be safe to say the Mexican Drug Cartel’s will be pouring money into American politics to block this measure from passing. And whom would be better to help stop something like this? The Right Wing Propaganda Machine: FauxNews. They are pouring tons of money and time into miseducation about THC/Marijuana in order to sway voters to stop it. They came up with a poll that said: “51% of voters oppose it, 39% of voters are for it.” I … highly doubt that. I live in California – been here for three years now. I’ve hardly met a person that didn’t smoke weed – or didn’t know someone that did. And NONE of them have had any issue with it. How many people were killed by Drunk Drivers last year? Ok… take that number, hold on to it. How many people were killed by HIGH drivers last year? When you’re HIGH you just want to move nice and slow like. Right at the speed limit. Slowing down instead of speeding up at nights. Driving in the lines, and all that. When you’re drunk, your balance is impaired. Your vision is impaired and your speech? Fogettaboutit. But Faux decided to link Drunk Driving accidents / deaths to Marijuana usage. Because the drunks had smoked it at some point in time… failing to realize that Alcohol is the culprit.

So I say unto you Californians. Vote YES on Prop 19. We need the money. And you’re a fairly mellow people already (from all the weed / nice weather and beaches) so lets keep it that way. Fight FauxNoise and the Drug Cartels by voting yes. Let’s help to slow down border violence.


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