FauxNews: Debate foul in Florida – Dem looks at blackberry during debate.

Posted: October 28, 2010 by merkjones in Uncategorized

So I’m watching FoxNoise this AM to get my blood boiling so I can wake the fuck up faster. And I notice that blurb during the segment when the chick in the middle freaks out, and the two guys say nothing of any value. They RAILED on the Democratic hopeful Alex Sink for looking at her BlackBerry during a debate. Anyone that didn’t see it, basically there was a break on CNN during a debate. Her aide came out, and whispered in her ear. She wrote down some stuff on paper, and the aide went away. The exchange lasted all of 12 seconds. But this is cheating, right? This is sooooo bad. This is something that Faux needs to point out and rail on all day long, right? I do recall a half governor of Alaska writing shit on her fucking hands. And actually READING off her hands during a Q&A Session with the Tea Party in Nashville.  So, that doesn’t get bashed. Even when she’s reading off her hands to answer questions? This isn’t Obama using a teleprompter (or these goons on FauxNoise) to read an entire piece. I saw someone equate it to Obama and his teleprompter. Uh… last time I checked, a speech is longer than “Energy, Budget Cuts, Tax, and Lift American Spirits.” She has Talking Point Memo’s on her hand, the Florida Hopeful was speaking to an Aide – during a break mind you. So what’s the issue? A Democrat speaks to an aide during a commercial break and it’s a foul. But Sarah Palin reads talking points off her hand during a Q&A session and FoxNoise is up in arms about the criticism? Can someone please remind these people there is a Fairness Doctrine adopted by their messiah Ronald Reagan?


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