Obama racist for saying “Republicans have to sit in back”? Foreal FauxNoise?

Posted: October 28, 2010 by merkjones in Uncategorized

Are you fucking kidding me FauxNoise? Foreal now? Like, are you fucking serious? Jesus Christ. I can’t stop laughing at this claim. Check this out. Obama said he doesn’t mind the Republicans. And they can come along for the ride. They just have to “sit in the back.” So the Black (Mixed) Man up on stage saying this, first African American President is racist for telling the Republicans to sit in the back. HEY, HEY GRETCHEN it’s a METAPHOR. You sit in the BACK because you’re not doing anything. The DRIVER is in the front. Not the back. So they sit way back there, and come along for the ride but they do nothing for this. He didn’t say “Yeah, the Republicans can sit in the back. And when they attempt to go to the front, we’ll kick them off. Then we’ll chase them down with Firehoses and treat them unfairly.” Seriously. She’s on the screen saying it’s “Offensive.” TO WHO? What struggle did you come from Gretchen? Really. Explain his to me how it’s offensive. Are you saying this because you feel like Obama is comparing the GOP to black people (that’s rich…) and you’d rather not be compared to a black person? Is that what’s offensive? You don’t want to be compared to someone of color?  I cannot believe this right now. It’s such a far reach, who’s writing this shit for you? Did you finger paint your lines / news stories all on your own hun?

Ok – now it’s on TV, and they are talking about it. They are really trying to pull the race card on Obama. The title is “Political Segregation” whilst images of Rosa Parks and the civil rights movement slide across the screen. Brian Kilmeade and this other douchebag Peter Johnson Jr. are really on here saying “We’re moving backwards in this country. It’s a regrettable statement.” “[…] Going back 55 years and summon a harrrrible image of evil segregation. And to inject that horrible image  into our politics is a terrible thing. ” Are you kidding me? This is the same white network that hates Latinos, hates Blacks, and anything other than it’s own. You can’t be serious right now. What gives YOU the right to say he’s doing that? When blacks were (and still are) fighting for equal rights in the Media, in work and in the World, you were sitting there – with no racial oppression. So don’t give me this bullshit. How dare you misconstrue something the first Black President said into something that’s “racist” towards… himself.

This has to stop. The back and forth has to stop. Like Obama said – the GOP can sit in the back. And sit there. They can twiddle their fucking thumbs until 2012 for all I care. But obstructing the work of Congress is childish. All for what? Some say racism, some say he’s a liberal and some are saying it’s because he’s a socialist. Does anyone from Faux actually know what a fucking Socialist is? This has me sick to my stomach, and I’m certainly not proud to be an American right now. Call me a terrorist or a deserter. I don’t care. I’m mixed just like The President. And life wasn’t no crystal stare. But all of this – is way too much.

Give it a rest Faux. Just stop. For fucks sake, for the sake of Sanity and not indoctrinating the youth with non-critical thoughts and racism. You’re destroying America, and you fucking know it.


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