Netanyahu presses U.S. for military threat on Iran

Posted: November 8, 2010 by merkjones in Uncategorized

So let me see here… biggest supporter of Israel in the United States is the GOP. GOP has always wanted a war. They pushed the one in Iraq for profit. And now the GOP wins the house. Which can push for a declaration of War. And now Netanyahu is pushing for it? I wonder who was dropping money into Freedom Works’ bank account. Between the Cartel fighting Prop 19 in Cali, Saudi Princes funding FauxNews and this; I can’t understand why anyone is in the GOP anymore. I understand you can be blind to the facts if you’re profiting off War and deceit. Building Pipelines through Iraq and “mysteriously” finding more Lithium in a country than ever in history. It just makes everything look more and more perfect. As a final solution for the Real Gangsters in this country to get over. 9/11 was a mere piece to this huge puzzle. It got us the low interest rates the day later on trading, it gave them the ability to deregulate Wallstreet in order to make money in “Such a hard time.” It got us into Afghanistan, and eventually Iraq. We act like we didn’t know there was Lithium and other precious metals out there. I sure as hell didn’t know (not that I would) I figured it was about oil. And now we’re broke, from spending all that money trying to find someone that didn’t exist. Someone that we’ve hid in caves. and allowed to survive off dialysis for decades. We’ve tried to depict towns folk in their land as insurgents when they’ve been protecting their land. Tell me sir, would you not fight tooth and nail to protect your land? Even if it’s something your President may or may have caused? Even if you didn’t believe in him? Now that we have that little situation out of the way, Saddam gone. The gov’t gone, put some patsy fuck in place. The exile that snitched Saddam out. The EXILE that just ran away right fast, and came back. We gave him the keys in Iraq. We built their government back up. We now own them. And Afghanistan? Kharzi? Lol. For real guys? This guy is still connected with Heroin / opium and all that. Giving the Reagan followers an easier way to traffic that poison back into the poorer communities in the country. I say poorer because there are more of us than them. It’ll fuel the demand, which can keep us invading more places.

We’re not in full control of Afghanistan, nor will we ever be. If the USSR couldn’t take them out, why the hell can we? They’ve never lost that place in History. And they fought off the soviets with LESS than they have right now. We saw, hey – well, we can’t completely control the land here, let’s go to Iraq. We’ll just setup some patsy as their leader, and be on our day. We’ll break him off some of the Lithium, and claim the rest is for protecting them. But… who’s got more Oil than Iraq (aside Saudi Arabia?) Iran. Good ol Iran. What greater a place to attack Iran from than from Iraq. Why do we want them taken out again? Because their midget leader is spewing hate again? No… it’s because they are threatening Israel. We can’t protect our brothers and sisters in our country… but we’ll spend billions protecting Israel. Why? Because we have billions invested in Oil out there. And Israeli forces are second to none when it comes to assassinations and surveillance.

But I digress… With Netanyahu pushing for this, and a conservative congress in charge. Then lunatic Fringe called the “Tea Party” out there scaring people up. And a multi billion dollar Propaganda arm that’d make Joseph Goebbels jealous. You kind of have to be fearful for our Country. Not because of Iran, or Muslims, or Swine flu or any of that shit. Because these people have the ability to manipulate every facet of our being now. Of course, they did before – I’m not denying any of that. But now it’s right in front of us. Clear as light and day. And we sit idly by as our country is getting dominated by Greed, Fear Mongering and corruption. I’m not talking some “SEIU is taking over the planet” Glenn Beck foil hat stuff. I’m talking some “Influence Every Election for the rest of time as we take over the planet” type shit. It’s bigger than that. This now, this notion that a War could pop off will demolish the Middle East. Everything will fall. Our country will either prevail, or fail miserably.

We need to do something to stop this machine. It’s bigger than anything I’ve read about, or have heard about. But, someone needs to put an end to this. Immediately. Starting with FauxNews. Cut the head off the media arm, the rest will perish.


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